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Accessibility of the Center


Pacific Center is located at 2130 Center St Suite 200 in Berkeley. The nearest BART station is Downtown Berkeley  , located 5 minutes away from the Center. 

 We have an elevator that will take you directly to the second floor; all of our rooms are accessible. If you require any accommodations please contact us.

All restrooms are single occupancy and gender neutral. First floor restrooms are ADA compliant.

Pacfic Center is a scent-aware space. As such, Pacific Center recognizes that scents are culturally relevant tools for health and wellness, and also recognizes that scents can trigger challenging physical responses for some. Please be considerate of those around you when wearing or spraying scents of any kind while at Pacific 

Center. This includes “natural” scents such as essential oils, as well as scents containing chemicals such as perfumes. We ask that all members of our community adhere to this policy as closely as possible. This includes staff, facilitators, volunteers, clinicians and clients. 


Scent-Aware Protocol:

  • Ask for consent before applying any scents in shared spaces

  • Be mindful of the amount of your scent application prior to coming into Pacific Center

    • Please apply as needed, but also be aware of how much your application will permeate the space

  • No smoking of any kind is permitted within 25 feet of Pacific Center

    • Please be mindful that cigarette, marijuana, and vaping smoke, and its remnants, can be particularly difficult for people with health conditions to metabolize

  • If you are negatively impacted by a scent in a shared space, politely explain and then ask for accommodations (e.g. - opening a window)

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