Youth Programs

Youth programs at Pacific Center support young people in feeling connected, supported, and uplifted. We offer a welcoming, affirming space to explore identity -- especially sexuality and gender -- and mental health. We believe in promoting empowerment, mental well-being and safety for all LGBTQIA+ and QTBIPOC youth.

A group of friends of varying genders pl

I find myself more comfortable with who I am when I have the chance to come to a space with other people like me.

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Having access to a supportive space is something we all deserve -- especially when we are exploring our various identities and experiences. Our programs provide young people an opportunity to build relationships with other queer youth, while also centering their mental and emotional well-being.


LOUD (Loving Ourselves and Uniting Diversity) is a free support group that meets weekly from 4pm-6pm on Tuesday and Friday. LOUD provides a safe space and peer support for LGBTQIA+ youth (ages 12-17). Each week, we gather, share stories, meet new friends, support each other, laugh, play games, or go on field trips.

The group is co-facilitated by a queer adult mentor and a mental health clinician. The clinician is also available for one-on-one counseling for any youth who may be seeking support, through Pacific Center's clinic.

On a regular basis, we invite volunteer mentors and special guests from the LGBTQIA+ community to lead discussions on a variety of topics, including dating & safe relationships, mental health, activism, dealing with issues at home, music & art, and exploring identity.

If you are interested in joining LOUD or are a parent of a youth and have questions about the program, contact us at

Trans Tween Group

The Trans Tween group is active! For information, email

The Trans Tween Group is a free support group for transgender and gender creative youth (ages 9-13). This group meets on the 1st & 3rd Saturday of each month from 10am-11:30am, and is facilitated by an adult mentor and a mental health clinician, both of whom identify as trans.


When we meet, we hang out, share stories, meet new friends, support each other, laugh, and play games. This space was created for trans and gender creative tweens to share their thoughts and feelings in a safe and confidential space, knowing that finding spaces that are both gender affirming and youth-friendly can be challenging. The Trans Tween Group is a fun, supportive, caring space that invites folx to be themselves.

In our group, we talk about gender and gender expression amongst other topics that may be relevant to current events or what is coming up for the group members at any given time. We also play games like collaborative story writing, telestrations, and show and tell to help facilitate engagement and connection with all group members.

Parents and caregivers - you are invited to join a support group just for you! For more information, reach out to


BOLD (Building Ourselves up and Living with Dignity) is a free support group that meets once a week at different school sites in the Bay. BOLD is for middle school and high school students that identify as LGBTQIA+ and Black or Brown. It is co-facilitated by an adult mentor and a mental health clinician, both of whom identify as queer and Black or Brown.


This space allows for young people to build relationships and have conversations that center their experiences and identities. We recognize the realities of queer youth of color, and seek to remove barriers to attending youth group by offering BOLD on-site to schools.


Each week, we gather, share stories, meet new friends, support each other, and build skills to support mental well-being. BOLD is a loving, inclusive, uplifting space that invites folx to show up exactly as they are. We discuss a variety of topics, including gender identity, bullying, setting boundaries, conflict resolution, intimate partner safety, sexual health, self-care & community care, and holistic wellness.


If you want to join our group or are interested in having a BOLD group at your school, please contact us at

Speaker's Bureau: Bear Closet

Bear Closet is a student-run DeCal course and community-based organization at UC Berkeley focused on making the LGBTQIA+ community more accessible to questioning and closeted youth.


Bear Closet is dedicated to training and preparing students to speak at middle and high schools regarding LGBTQIA+ life at college, through the Pacific Center's Speaker's Bureau program. We also aim to raise awareness about various issues within and surrounding the LGBTQIA+ community.

To book the Speaker's Bureau at your school for your class or general assembly, please contact us at

For more information about Bear Closet, visit their website at

If you’re a young person who is interested in joining a group, you are more than welcome to reach out to us ( at any time with questions or concerns! 

Accessibility Notice: The youth group room is wheelchair accessible. If you have any additional accessibility needs (including needs specific to a virtual space), please reach out to us at You deserve to access our youth programs without barriers, and we will work with you to make sure your needs are met as best we can.