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Starting New Peer Groups

Two transmasculine people sitting togeth

Just like me, I’ve seen others in the group open up and share their stories, a lot of times for the first time, and sometimes with more than a few tears.

Photo via The Gender Spectrum Collection

Peer groups are often organized in response to a need or desire to create community. A minimum of two facilitators are required to start a group and facilitators must self-identify as members of that group.

We welcome ideas for new peer groups and are excited to add groups to meet the needs of our community, especially groups for queer and trans people of color.  We are particularly excited to partner with other organizations on creating new, collaborative peer groups, with groups meeting at Pacific Center in Berkeley or at the other organization's location in Alameda County.

Successful applicants will complete an application, interview, screening process, and facilitator training. Facilitator training is conducted throughout the year and consultation services are provided as needed, year round.

Contact Shanna Bowie, Director of Community Programs, for information about the peer group facilitator application, interview, and training process: or 510-548-8283, x126.

To learn more about existing groups, please see the Current Peer Groups page or our calendar of events.

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