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Mental Health at the Intersections

Each year, the Pacific Center for Human Growth, in collaboration with Alameda County Behavioral Services, brings the Mental Health at the Intersections conference to the community. This conference is a day of interactive and immersive learning centering Queer & Trans, Black, Indigenous, Mixed Race, People of Color (QTBIMPOC).

Together, facilitators and participants explore the ways in which QTBIMPOC experience multiple forms of oppression that, too often, are not addressed effectively within the therapeutic context. Combining personal stories, educational theory, and professional experience, workshop facilitators help participants move beyond dominant mental health paradigms toward a more holistic, culturally relevant, integrated approach. 

If you would like to participate in 2024, please email Glo Rodriguez, We look forward to connecting and building community with you! 




For more information please visit: 

Please email with any questions.

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