Counseling and Psychotherapy

About The Clinic

We offer counseling for individuals, families, couples, and groups. You and your therapist will work in collaboration to identify your goals, discuss what you want from therapy, and figure out how you will assess your progress. You can expect that your therapist will take your concerns seriously and help you deal with them more effectively. All clinicians are open to discussions about any concerns you may have.

About The Process

The first step to getting into counseling is scheduling and completing a phone screen. Click on the link below to go to our online scheduler. A clinician will call you on the day at time you request. The phone screen takes about 20 minutes.

A transgender woman sitting on a therapi

Photo via The Gender Spectrum Collection

The phone screen clinician will outline the next steps in the process of matching you with a therapist and/or provide referrals, as appropriate. >> Click here to schedule a phone screen. <<


If you have Medi-Cal through Alameda County Behavioral Health and are hoping to have services covered by your insurance, please call the ACCESS line at 1-800-491-9099 and ask for a referral, for mental health services, to Pacific Center. Medi-Cal covers mental health services for individual and family therapy, but a Medi-Cal representative has to approve therapy as medically necessary. This step must be completed before scheduling your phone screen. Unfortunately, we will not be able to conduct a phone screen if we do not have your referral letter beforehand.

We do not accept other forms of insurance. Our services are offered at a sliding scale. 


If you have any questions please reach out to our clinic staff at 510.548.8283 x250 or visit the ACBHS ACCESS webpage.

If you are in crisis or are considering calling 911 please review Alameda County's Guidelines for Calling 911​.