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Pacific Center for Human Growth stands in solidarity with the people of Palestine and all LGBTQIA+ communities and allies that are saying “NO” to the ongoing US-funded genocide of Palestinians. We mourn for the lives lost, and demand an immediate and permanent ceasefire and end to the siege in Gaza. We urge all levels of the US government and its institions to stop funding and supplying the Israeli Occupying Forces, send desperately needed humanitarian aid, and bring an end to the genocide. Every day we delay action against genocide means more lives lost.


Pacific Center stands by the fierce and brave groups and individuals who continue to organize and mobilize on behalf of Palestinian liberation. We stand in solidarity with queer and trans Palestinians! We reject all forms of pink and rainbow washing used to conceal the terror and violence of Israel’s colonial project and apartheid policies oppressing Palestinians in the name of queer progress and safety. We join transgender and queer people around the world saying “NOT IN OUR NAME!” We stand against genocide, including the ongoing genocides in Palestine, Sudan, Congo, Turtle Island, and others worldwide. We encourage all LGBTQIA+ Community Centers to stand in solidarity with us.

In the words of Marsha P. Johnson, "No pride for some of us without liberation for all of us."


In community, Pacific Center for Human Growth

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