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Older Adult Services

















Overview of our Older Adult Services 

At Pacific Center, LGBTQIA+ identified older adults (55+) can access a variety of services that are offered in person and online. Our Older & Out Program provides three support groups which meet weekly for eight week sessions. Our PEARLS Program supports older LGBTQIA+ identified adults who may be experiencing depression and want support from a trained coach in coming up with strategies to combat their symptoms. Additionally we have a short term Case Management Program for older adults who may want or need individual care. Finally, we have two monthly social events, one is in person at North Berkeley Senior Center and one takes place online on Zoom. You can see a full list of our programs and community resources by clicking here

Enrollment in our Older Adult programs requires an intake with a Pacific Center staff from our Older Adult Team. 

We also have regular social events and workshops for older adults and share resources that are specific to LGBTQIA+ elders through email for those who join our mailing list. Please let us know if you would like to be added to our mailing list for events. 

If you are interested in any of our services or have questions or suggestions for programs please feel free to email us at We would love to hear from you! 


Older & Out 

Pacific Center partners with North Berkeley Senior Center and the Oakland LGBTQIA+  Community Center to provide in-person groups and social events for LGBTQIA+ adults age 55+. Our Older & Out groups are offered to counteract ageism, isolation and loneliness. One group is offered online for community members who are not able to easily access our in-person offerings in Berkeley and Oakland. These free 90 minute groups require an intake to attend, run for 8 week sessions with the same members and have a maximum of 12 spots. We welcome new members after they have completed a virtual intake with one of our group facilitators who are trained and supported by Pacific Center staff. Group topics emerge from group members’ shares which have included: coping with loss, wisdom that comes with aging, going back in the closet to survive, ageism, dating, invisibility and racism in the LGBTQIA+ community, family acceptance challenges, loneliness, and resilience.

Our current Older & Out program(O&O) offers weekly groups and monthly socials for LGBTQIA+ older adults age 55+. 

Our O&O groups require an intake, run in 8 week sessions with the same members and are located in three different locations:


O&O Oakland in-person at the Oakland LGBTQ Community Center 
O&O Berkeley in-person at North Berkeley Senior Center 
O&O Online via Zoom



Program to Encourage Activate, Rewarding LiveS (PEARLS) 

Program to Encourage Active, Rewarding LiveS (PEARLS) is an innovative community-based program offering goal-oriented groups for people experiencing isolation and minor depressive symptoms like feeling sad or lonely (a depression diagnosis is NOT necessary to join). Through participation in structured supportive groups, facilitated by trained PEARLS coaches, group members are taught ways to better manage their depressive symptoms through proactive problem solving techniques as well as physical and social activation. 

Pacific Center offers free 8 week sessions of one hour PEARLS groups that start on a weekly basis, shift to bi-weekly and then monthly over 19 weeks. The University of Washington funds PEARLS, trains Pacific Center coaches, and staff. A session will be starting this summer. An intake is required and can be completed online. Contact us at if you’d like to join.

Short Term Case Management 

We offer short term case management for LGBTQIA+ older adults. If interested please contact us and we can discuss how we can support you. 

Monthly Social Events 

1st Thursday in-person at North Berkeley Senior Center
2nd Wednesday Online via Zoom


Meet our Older Adult Program Team!

These lovely individuals are behind the Older Adult services at Pacific Center! They have a wealth of expertise, undergo a variety of PC trainings, and work to make services accessible and valuable to all of our older adult community members! If you are interested in joining the team, check out available opportunities here!

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