Older & Out Therapy Groups

Photo via The Gender Spectrum Collection

Just like me, I’ve seen others in the group open up and share their stories, a lot of times for the first time, and sometimes with more than a few tears.


Pacific Center is partnering with senior centers around Alameda County, as well as the Oakland LGBTQ Center, to provide therapy groups for LGBTQIA+ adults over the age of 60, now all online. The groups are free, have a max of 12 members and run for 90 minutes. We welcome new members after they have completed a virtual screening. Older & Out groups are facilitated by a Pacific Center licensed therapist and / or associate or clinician trainee. Group topics emerge from group members’ shares which have included: coping with loss, wisdom that comes with aging, going back in the closet to survive, ageism, dating, invisibility and racism in the LGBTQIA+ community, family acceptance challenges, loneliness, and resilience.


Older & Out therapy groups for LGBTQIA+ folx age 60+ are now online, at no cost, and we are now bringing on new group members! We offer these groups to counteract ageism, isolation and loneliness. 



3:30 to 5:00pm



10:30am to 12:00pm



3:00 to 4:30pm

What You Can Expect Now That We Are Meeting on Zoom!


Please email olderandoutgroups@pacificcenter.org or call 510-548-8283 ext. 126 to set up a screening meeting to complete some paperwork and learn more about the program.

After that, if it sounds like the group might meet your needs, we'll connect you with a group where you can participate in whatever way is comfortable for you. Because this is a therapy group, topics and discussions can be deeper and more personal than they would in a typical peer support group setting. Click here for the O&O flyer.